Rangana Herath announces Retirement from Test Cricket

Rangana Herath announces Retirement from Test Cricket

After the first Test match against England, the test format will be goodbye

Colombo  Former Test captain and record holder Bowler Rangana Herath has announced retirement from the Test cricket . According to the Sri Lankan media, the first Test match against the Rangen Herath England After that, you will say goodbye to the test format. Both teams will collapse each other on November 6 in Sri Lanka City.Sri Lanka two decades player team launched the career of cricket in Sri Lanka are on the ground tha.rngna hyrth second highest wicket taker list of players, 430 Test wickets during his career The colorful heritage is in the best spin bowlers. Rangana is the first bowler to bat with left-handed, who wrote 400 wickets in hisrecord .

In May 2016, Rangana Herath Sri Lankan Test became the third player to get 300 wickets in the history, in November 2016, he made his third round of five wickets for all Test teams in November. He got 400 wickets in October 2017. The other Sri Lankan bowler, who is still with him, is with him. In March 2017, Sri Lankan Bowler scored 362 wickets and made the New Zealand famous ball bear Daniel Vittor

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