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The national team’s field coaches will skip the title after Scotland from the series

The national team’s field coach Steve Rickson will leave his position after 2 T-Twenty20 against Scotland. 

Australia’s Steve Rossson is being welcomed by the Pakistani team after two years of completion, another Australian Darren Berry is a strong candidate for the new fielding coach.

Darwin South Australia has been the wicket keeper from Victoria, and he is the wicket keeper, so his presence will benefit from captain Sarfraz Ahmed.

Responsible sources say Darren Berry has worked with Adam Gilckest in the Australian cricket team and worked for various football clubs after retiring from cricket.

He represented the Adelaide Stricker in the Big Bishch and also worked for the Indian Royal League in the Emirates League, while South Australia’s team is working for the Southern Reebok.

After retiring from 2004 in the year, Darren Barry had a fate in some time as well.

Sources say that after scoring 2 matches against Scotland, Angry Steve Rosenon will welcome Pakistan team, after which the Pakistan Cricket Board will soon post a new fielding coach, but Mickey Orthrough is in touch with Darren Berry and Will apply for

After the recommendations of Mickey Orthodox in the Pakistan Cricket Board, Aaron Rasheed, Maqsood Nazar and Animam ul Haq will consider the name of Darwin Berry.

Sources say England’s James Foster is just playing cricket, so his name will not be in the list. 

It is clear that Steve Rosen’s appointment was two years ago

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