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Xqc gambling

xqc gambling

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XQC’S BIGGEST WINS EVER - GAMBLING HIGHLIGHTS Xqc gambling gamblng gambling live streams have grown in popularity during the last few years. Mobile poker notable streamers now devote their entire gqmbling mobile poker broadcasting online new canadian online casinos, card games, or roulette. One agmbling streamer xqc gambling the Canadian star Felix "xQc" Lengyelwho has more than 10 million Twitch followers. Even though xQc recently took an extended break from his gambling exploits, he went back to betting with fresh enthusiasm. Fans were stunned to witness how recklessly xQc proceeded to bet and play slots while he was broadcasting. Jake "JakeSucky" Lucky, an esports star and co-owner of Full Squad Gaming, uploaded two-minute footage showing the content producer gambling and losing cash.

Xqc gambling -

Although he's vehemently denied ever being married, publically available court documents refer to the pair as a married couple seeking divorce, which means he may have been in what's known as a common law marriage.

Part of Adept's filing includes a request that xQc be banned from gambling, something that's been a hot issue for Twitch recently. As reported by Dexerto , the divorce filing was combed through by YouTuber Henry Resilient. Adept has filed for a temporary injunction, meaning until further notice, xQc would be banned from doing the activities laid out within it.

Furthermore, he likes to gamble a whole lot. He currently has a deal with Stake and he even got a massive contract with Kick. These contracts have made him hundreds of millions of dollars at this point.

If you are aware of Stake, you know that it is a crypto-gambling platform. Overall, it has made a lot of people a whole lot of money. However, one thing that people don't necessarily realize about Stake is that it allegedly provides its affiliates with the money to gamble. Ultimately, this means that there is very little risk for those involved.

If you win, well, that is your money. If you lose, however, well, Stake can just continue to give you more funds. It's an infinite loop that helps Stake promote its website. Read More: xQc Speaks Out After Being Berated For His Reaction Streams.

To show you how far this goes, xQc was recently on stream when he revealed his gambling statistics. Overall, they are pretty wild to see. Moreover, he has lost over K bets and has only won about 88K. Others were worried over how xQc seemed to have lost any feeling while losing an enormous sum of cash.

These Twitter users expressed concern about the effect on his followers while claiming that the streamer has a gambling problem:. A few of xQc's most devoted followers uploaded videos showing the player enjoying the time of his life while playing Overwatch and indicated that he has since lost it:.

The CEO of Gen. G esports, Arnold Hur, stated the following:. Here are a few other noteworthy fan responses:. The saga of xQc's gambling addiction started earlier this year when he repeatedly confessed to having a gambling addiction and constantly looked for ways to gamble and place bets in different games, including Grand Theft Auto 5 RP.

After hearing his assertion, the streamer's dad made a worried and anxious phone call on air and resorted to reprimanding him. One week later, Felix surprised everyone in the streaming world when he announced that he would soon be hosting sponsored gambling broadcasts linked to the controversial website Stake.

The Twitch audience widely disliked the news, and several viewers were against his move to agree to the gambling sponsorship. Prominent American streamer Trainwreck, whose actual name is Tyler Niknam, expressed his worries about the Twitch community.

This year, in a tirade on honesty, he took a swipe at colleague streamer Roshtein, accusing the Twitch personality of not being honest with his audience about the risks associated with gambling.

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Viewers ggambling questioning the legitimacy bookie gambling the xqc gambling xQc is gambling with, on a site run by the owners of the streaming platform itself. Gambing xqc gambling streaming platforms such sure fixed games Twitch xqc gambling Kick has been mobile poker gamblint mobile poker ggambling it first started years mobile poker, and top streamer xQc is a common sight in the gambling sections of both services. Despite sometimes wagering up to £40, per bet on Blackjack and other games, these numbers are still difficult to fathom. And the site in question here, Stake, is owned by two Kick co-owners, which is the platform xQc often streams on. Almost like the gambling company that employees him Stake gives him millions in free gambling money each month so he can advertise it to thousands of viewers, half of which are under legal gambling age. Email gamecentral metro. xqc gambling

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